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Adrian Caddy Archery

Field Archery takes place in woodlands and meadows, uphill and down dale, mostly over unmarked distances from archer to target - and the targets are different in size and shape. Of particular enjoyment are the 3-Ds. Literally 3-dimensional, heavy foam plastic replicas of beasties you can shoot all day long - without harm, danger, or risk. (As far as we know, heavy foam plastic is neither endangered, nor scared of arrows...!) The bows of the Field come in a huge variety of shapes, draw-weights and feel. Rest assured you will be carefully matched to the right one for your comfort and safety with exactly the right weight and length of (carbon-fibre) arrows.

When you join ACA for a day, or half day, of bow-shooting you will learn to aim for the higher score zones on each target after a FUN session of balloon busting and practice on traditional targets with that elusive "Gold" centre.

Shoot in teams or as individuals - we know you will be surprised by the discovery of skills you have yet to awaken, and how much you'll want to try it again. No two Field Archery courses are ever the same - ACA welcomes you to a real thrill, whatever the weather...

Children with archery bows and arrows


Safety is paramount at all our events, ensuring your child learns in

a safe environment...

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Parents can be assured that safety is our first priority

In our Schools training, private coaching and public Game & Country Fairs throughout the UK - ACA's allegiance to total safety is unrivalled. Everyone working with our growing team of qualified instructors has undergone extensive training to the standards required by NASP®, and other thorough Archery Education programmes.

US education authorities and their insurers are dedicated to removing all risk of accident or injury - to the point that NASP® standards make Archery safer than ANY other school sport or activity. No ball game or indoor gymnastic pursuit has the safety record of Archery, and ACA is uniquely the UK's NASP® Co-ordinator and Instructor Trainer.

Adrian Caddy with archery equipment


Selected by the National Archery in the Schools Program®,  ACA will be helping

bring Archery into the national curriculum...

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Bringing Archery to schools working with NASP®

Founded in Kentucky USA in 2002, the National Archery in the Schools Program® has become the world's biggest, safest and best-attended archery education scheme - ever. The National Championships in America have been verified by The Guinness Book of Records as the Biggest Archery Competition in history with nearly 9,500 participants. UK Schools are encouraged to provide similar opportunities to girls and boys from years 4-12 by contacting ACA; Britain's exclusive NASP® Co-ordinator.
Archery corporate team building


We provide Archery as part of team building and leadership exercise

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Teambuilding and corporate events

ACA has been providing exceptional and highly memorable days for corporate clients and their customers throughout the UK since 2006. We have a list of superb venues with access to first-class catering - in particular The PowderMills Hotel near Battle in East Sussex.

Whether guests are experienced and competitive Archers, or have never picked up a bow in their lives, they will enjoy the experience, fun and novelty provided by the experts of ACA. No two days are ever the same and every client will have a schedule that needs to be carefully and uniquely applied to timetable and budget. 

Archery targets